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Buddhadasa Bhikkhu,


The present text is a new edition of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu's classic exposition of the Buddhist path, which was originally delivered as a series of lectures to future judges in May, 1956. In nontechnical language, he outlines the major doctrinal points of the Buddhist path in such a way that their immediate relevance is apparent. In addition to the English translation of the original lectures, two more talks are included: “Why were we born?”, delivered in July 1965, and “Another kind of birth,” delivered in July 1969.

(Bangkok, no date)

237 pp., 145 x 210 mm, pbk.

8.50 US-Dollar

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A Guide to the Tipitaka offers both authoritative descriptions of Theravada Buddhist doctrine and summaries of all the texts of the Burmese version of the Tipitaka, the three collections of Buddhist teachings venerated as canonical. This Burmese version is unique in that it includes three texts not found in the Thai or Sri Lankan editions of the canon. These are the Nettipakarana, the Petakopadesa, and the celebrated Milindapanha. Thus, we have in this Guide a text which will aid in the understanding of the Pali canon in its most extensive form, thereby embracing by implication all the traditions of Theravada Buddhism. An improved reprint from a Burmese version.

(Bangkok 1993) ISBN 974-8495-72-8

216 pp., 150 x 220 mm, pbk.

15.- US-Dollar

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